The mission and task of the Association of the Hungarian Automotive Industry (AHAI / MGSZ)

The mission of the Association is to provide a framework for the cooperation of economic and professional organizations involved in the automotive industry in Hungary.

During its activity the Association:

  • explores, co-ordinates and represents the interest of vehicle and automotive system producers resident in Hungary;
  • represents vehicle and automotive system producers at domestic and international organizations;
  • maintain relations and exchanges information with domestic and international fellow organizations.

In order to reach its goals the Association:

  • promotes such professional life that is based on correct business relations;
  • exchanges information at professional, scientific and cultural forums so as to increase the image of its members;
  • provides professional help to the production of vehicles that represent a higher technical  level and quality and that are  - by this means – safer and less environment polluting. By doing so the Association promotes the development of technical culture and serving consumers on a higher quality.